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Monday, July 31, 2006

Vandergriff Park

We have some really nice parks in Chattanooga. This one is called Vandergriff Park and was named after a late commissioner. There's lots of things to do at the park not just for kids but for adults too. There's a covered picnic area and a track. The track--that's where I'm standing to take the picture--goes all around the park. There's two play areas. One is for younger children and one for kids who are a bit older. That makes it safer especially for the younger ones.


Blogger edwin s said...

Swings! I want the one in the middle!

12:42 PM  
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Blogger victoria vandergriff said...

hi this is victoria smith my mom is ann vandergriff buster vandergriff was a great man he told me that he would build me apark so i would not git hurt he is always in the family we love you buster r.i.p

12:46 PM  
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